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Grapefruit Basil Fizz
2 oz North Shore Distiller's Gin #11
3/4 oz Fresh Red Grapefruit juice
1/2 oz simple syrup
1 large fresh basil leaf
1/2 oz club soda

Shake the first four ingredients with ice (including the basil). Strain into cocktail glass or ice-filled rocks glass. Top with soda, garnish with sprig of fresh basil.

Recipe courtesy of North Shore Distillery
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Drunken Sailor Spirits in Missouri!

Wed, Sep 21st, 2016

Drunken Sailor Spirits in Missouri!

Spiced Rum and Irish Whiskey

Classique Wines and Spirits is excited to show off Drunken Sailor Spirits to the State of Missouri!

Drunken Sailor was founded by Hunter Vogel and Andrew Lerner (the gentlemen behind Treasure Hunter Wines), whose passion for whiskey and the history behind them led down a historic path to find and deliver the most iconic whiskey in the word, Irish Whiskey. Drunken Sailor brings the old in with the new and is a brand your grandfather would appreciate, but your sons ...

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