A. Hardy Extase XO Orange Cognac

Extase X.O. is an exotic eaux-de-vie distilled in small batches from orange peels imported from the island Curacao. The rich flavor is held in perfect balance by the smooth taste of a 20- to 25 year-old X.O. Fine Champagne Cognac. Extase X.O. is carefully blended and distilled in Dijon, in the heart of Burgundy, using one of the oldest operating pot stills in France. Extase is presented in elegant high appeal packaging of painted bottles filled and labeled by hand with liqueur glasses available.

Wine Enthusiast, 90-95 points
Rated 4 Stars - F. Paul Pacult's Spirit Journal

A Hardy
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Brand: A Hardy
Brand Number: L2810305
proof: 80
style: XO
Spirit Type: Cognac
Size: 750ml
Number per Case: 6

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