Anders' Handcrafted Vodka

Anders' Handcrafted Vodka is 100% Colorado grown, fermented, distilled, bottled, and owned. It begins with sweet corn, from the Olathe region of Colorado, that is irrigated from snow melt and harvested without pesticides. With hot days and cool nights on the slope of Colorado, the corn is given an unmatched flavor. The water from mountainside snow melt that is used for corn irrigation is also used in distilling and to cut the distillate, making the purified water pristine. The vodka is filtered once to leave more of the oils, making it more flavorful and weightier. To guard against oxidation, corn is milled on site and fermented directly after. The fermented liquid is BATCH distilled once to ensure that the character and flavor stays intact. The steps used to produce Anders' Vodka creates a vodka that has more weight, flavor, a hint of sweetness, and a little less burn.

Anders' Vodka
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Anders' Vodka

Tucked back int he majestic countryside within the Colorado Rockies, the inspiration for Anders' Vodka is found. Anders' Vodka is different because of the finest 1005 Colorado ingredients and the care taken to create it. Anders' Vodka is crafted using the finest Colorado mountain sweet corn, grown in the Olathe Region. This corn is irrigated with melted snow water and hand picked at the peak of ripeness. This corn is then fermented using the cleanest Colorado Rocky Mountain water, which is filtered even further. The vodka is distilled in small batches using a state of the art still. No expense has been spared in making the vodka, so only the very heart of the distillate remains upon completion.

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Brand: Anders' Vodka
Brand Number: LA007477
proof: 80
Spirit Type: Vodka
Size: 750ml
Number per Case: 12

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