FOS Mastiha

FOS Greek Mastiha Liqueur is a great spirit with a unique sweet taste, a full range of herbal tones and tree essences, which are beautifully pronounced when chilled. It is perfect for enjoying after a meal and has quickly become a vital mixologist's tool as a dynamic ingredient in signature cocktails and original creations. As the authentic Liqueur of the Chios Mastiha Growers Association, FOS embodies, embraces, and celebrates the time-honored craftsmanship of Mastiha production. Mastiha is created from fresh droplets sourced from the Mastiha Tree, a small evergreen shrub, which can only be found on the Greek Island of Chios.

A Hardy
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Brand: A Hardy
Brand Number: LA007051
proof: 60
Spirit Type: Liqueurs
Number per Case: 6

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