Bianca Vigna Prosecco D.O.C. Brut

Production: Hillside vineyards between Conegliano and Farra di Soligo, on the border of the Conegliano Vadobbiadene D.O.C.G. appellation, at an altitude of 150 meters above sea level.

Soil: Limestone, clayey.

Harvested: The grapes are hand-picked in September.

Fermentation: Soft pressing of grapes, static decantation and fermentation at controlled temperatures in stainless steel, temperature controlled tanks, in contact with fine lees. The second fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks (cuvee close) at temperature controlled with selected yeasts and lasts 60 datys. Tartaric stabilization at low temperature.

Tasting Notes: Straw yellow with greenish hues; very fine and persistent perlage. Very fine and elegant perfume with hints of citrus and apple. Well-balanced on the palate, fresh, vivacious with good persistency. We recommend to serve at 6-8C in "tulip" shaped crystal glasses to fully appreciate its aromas and fine perlage.

Bianca Vigna
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Bianca Vigna

Elena Moschetta is the head of Bianca Vigna Winery. Her brother, Enrico Moschetta, has been producting Prosecco for 20 years. The wines are carefully farmed and crafted from three vineyards in Conegliano, Valdobbidene. In each Prosecco, Enrico tries to bring forth the beauty and true representation of the Glera grape. He uses tradition in the vineyards and modern technology in the cellar to bring harmony to every bubble.

"I spent my childhood with my grandparents in the hill of Prosecco, tending their vineyards. I have so many memories of joy and also fatigue. Originally, I had even planned on going to winemaking school, but then changed by mind. I took a different path away from wine, but as we say... destiny always comes back knocking. Sitting with my husband and my brother one day, we started talking and thought, 'Why don't we start our own winery?' We have beautiful vineyards, which are managed by my brother, who is also a winemaker. My husband's company imports French wines into Italy and thus could help with the commercialization. I have the administrative background and experience. So, in 2004, we decided to put all of our strengths together and open the winery. And it's paid off. We're truly a family business in every sense of the meaning. Bianca Vigna refers not only to color of the Prosecco grape (white in Italian), but also my daughers name, Bianca, as we hope that the family tradition continues." - Elena Moschetta

Taking care of each single row of the vineyards, farming the land with respect, with the greatest attention to the harvest, to the pressing of the grapes, to the fermentation up to the sparkling process, always granting the right amount of time, respecting the natural processes. Bottling and then refining the wines while waiting to dress each single bottle inside a state-of-the-art, modern wine cellar, built respecting people and the environment, offering wines of terroir with a message in the glass. View Bianca Vigna Website >>
Brand Number: W10008177
White Varietal: Prosecco
Color/Category: Sparkling
Vintage: 2017
Country: Italy
Number per Case: 12

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