Castillo Perelada "Stars Touch of Rose" Rosado Cava

Stars Touch of Rosé Brut is a rosé cava from the Cava region produced by Castillo de Perelada. It is a blend of 2 grape varieties: Grenache (70%) and Pinot Noir (30%).

The grapes used for Stars Touch of Rosé Brut come from various vineyards cultivated around the Cava region. After the harvest has been carried out, the grapes are transported quickly to the winery to ensure that they do not break of lose their characteristics.
At the winery, the best fraction of the grapes are selected, those that have reached peak ripeness and present a strong varietal character.

The obtained free-run juice then undergoes controlled fermentation. A second fermentation then takes place in the bottle following conventional methods. Stars Touch of Rosé Brut ages for one year before the disgorging process and being placed onto the market.
Castillo de Perelada has been organising an important music festival since 1987. This cava pays hommage to all the artists who have participated, are participating, and will participate. Artists who shine like the stars that you will see light up the sky of Empordà.

Castillo Perelada
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Castillo Perelada

Wine has been made at the Castillo Perelada since the Middle Ages, as shown in several documents and parchments from the period to be found in the library. When Miguel Mateu bought this ensemble of monuments in 1923, one of his primary objectives was to revitalize the wine producing tradition, a tradition that is more alive than ever these days and which has incorporated the most modern technology to create wines that make full use of the nuances of the soils and vines of the Empordà.

El Empordà is a small area where there is a variety of soils found in few other places in the world. Slate slopes, Sandy valleys. Fluvial sediment, clay-silt, gravel soils… Lands that have borne witness to how different civilizations cultivated the art of wine. The heterogeneity of the land on which the vines grow allows the Castillo Perelada to obtain grapes with a wide range of nuances. View Castillo Perelada Website >>
Brand Number: WA024933
White Varietal: White Blends
Color/Category: Sparkling
Vintage: 2017
Country: Spain
Region: Emporda
Size: 750ml
Number per Case: 6

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