Saint-Hilaire Brut

More than a century before champagne, the Benedictine Monks of the Abbey of Saint-Hilaire in the Southern foothills of Limoux had created France's Very First Sparkling Wine. Today, over four and a half centuries later, Saint-Hilaire Blanquette de Limoux is made in those very same foothills of Southern France. After just one uncorking, you'll discover why the French compare Saint-Hilaire with their finest champagne.

Fresh, Lively, Crisp and Dry. Robert Parker says....."Similar to top quality nonvintage champagne at one third the price."

Eco Friendly Wine

Saint-Hilaire Brut is an Eco Friendly Wine!

Abbey of St. Hilaire
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Abbey of St. Hilaire

What is now the Abbey of Saint-Hilaire began as a primitive chapel in the 6th century started by Hilarius, the Bishop of Carcassonne. By 817, the Abbey was under the domain of the Order of Saint Benedict.

The Abbey includes a Roman style church for the 12th Century, a Gothic cloister and Fortifications of the 14th Century. It was in the Abbey's historic cellars where the world's first sparkling wine was created in 1531. These are all the indications of its influence and importance in the Languedoc region in the South of France.

The Mediterranean terroir and climate near the village of Saint-Hilaire, in the area of Limoux, produce full bodied red wines as well as distinctive Chardonnay wines with remarkable character aromatic and complexity.
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Brand Number: W7424705
White Varietal: White Blends
Color/Category: Sparkling
Vintage: NV
Country: France
Region: Blanquette de Limoux
Size: 750ml
Number per Case: 12

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