Expanding Our Cognac Portfolio

Good news for Cognac fans, Classique now stocks three new varietals from Camus: Ile de Re Fine Island, Ile de Re Double Matured, and Ile de Re Cliffside Cellar.
The vineyards of Ile de Re are found on an island just off the west coast of France. Situated in the Bois a Terroirs cru, the island is the most westerly region of the Cognac appellation. Three different aromatic expressions were developed from the island, which has its own unique climate and gives the Cognacs natural marine notes.

Ile de Re Fine Island has a fresh, marine notes with the palate dominated by dried fruit with hints of oak. Ile de Re Double Matured is bold with unmistakably maritime tones. It is matured in a damp cellar, and then in old, toasted barrels to give the Cognac structure and a smoky flavor. Ile de Re Cliffside Cellar is produced in limited quantities, and goes through a double aging process on the island close enough to the Atlantic Ocean to feel the spray of ocean waves. There are scents of spice and vanilla, and on the palate mellow touches of orange and dried grape.