Give ’em a Squeeze

A great cocktail needs to combine the three flavors of sweet, sour, and bitter harmoniously to achieve the perfect beverage. Cocktailpunk bitters are made in small batches in Boulder, Colorado with no added sugar or sweetener, caramel, or coloring. They are also made to be exactly what they say – bitter. These bitters are the impeccable addition to cocktails that are too sweet, or just need a boost in the flavor department, they are also fabulous alone in cold sparkling water and non-alcoholic drinks. Along with the spirits you need to make an awesome cocktail, we now sell an assortment of Cocktailpunk bitters to make them flawless! Designed for drinks that haven’t even been invented yet, so get some and start experimenting! (Or check out their website – cocktailpunk.com/drinks/ – for tons of recipes if you’re not feeling as adventurous.) Give ’em a squeeze.
Alpino – Sage, mint, and herbal flavor. Try it as an alternative to Amaro; it’s more convenient, and in an easy-to-control format.

Aromatic – The go-to bitters. Baking spice, cardamom and anise notes. Try it wherever standard bitters are needed, or as a combo with the orange or cherry bitters.

Colorado Cherry – Lighter than the regular Cocktailpunk Cherry Bitters, more feminine and elegant, with tons of perfume. Try it in a Manhattan, or anything that needs a touch of cherry flavor.

Colorado Lavender – Made with organic lavender that screams out, with delicate notes of ginger and citrus. Try it with gin, or add it to anything that needs a floral kick.

Smoked Orange – Cold-smoked, alderwood orange zest, with a finishing touch of mint. Try it with tequila or mezcal drinks, but it also plays surprisingly well with darker spirits as well.