Island Cognac? Yes!

Maison Camus, the last great independent family-owned Cognac house, has been a legend in Cognac since its beginning in 1863.
Ever since its foundation, Maison Camus has been exploring the terroir of the appellation to uncover all its riches and flavors, and the vineyards of the Ile de Re have been a true revelation. The Ile de Re is an island off of the West Coast of France and is part of the Charente Maritime departement. It is the most westerly region in the Cognac appellation, located in the Bois a Terroirs cru. This beautiful, wild island gives these unique cognacs a distinctive personality, Maison Camus cognacs from the Ile de Re are dry, powerful, with a taste of the sea, expressing all the smoothness and fruity aromas of exceptional cognacs.

The three Ile de Re cognacs – Fine Island, Double Matured and the Cliffside Cellar – hail from the little known appellation of Cognac prized for its pre-phylloxera vines, thus offering a rare point of distinction. Each has salty, maritime notes that offer special appeal to Scotch drinkers. The Camus Ile de Re cognacs are the first and only releases of cognac from the island.

Camus Ile de Re Fine Island Cognac is impressive and shows a beautiful golden color. With light and fresh iodine notes and a lively, oak and salt finish, this Cognac is perfect neat, on the rocks, with a dash of water or chilled. The specific ageing process that incorporates the high humidity levels imparts a pleasant roundness to this cognac.

Camus Ile de Re Double Matured Cognac is a golden amber Cognac like no other. With a unique ageing technique in two distinct stages; first ageing in a cellar with high humidity and second ageing in toasted barrels, this Cognac produces a fruity and smooth taste. Ile de Re Double Matured is a distinctive Cognac with spicy, marine, crystallized fruit notes with a smoky finish.

Last but not least, the Camus Ile de Re Cliffside Cellar is an amber-colored Cognac with hints of orange. This extraordinary Cognac has indications of vanilla, spice and traditional ‘rancio charentais”. Providing marine and iodine characters, the Cliffside Cellar has a specific ageing period in the Fort de la Pree cellar located 10 meters away from the Atlantic Ocean.

Camus Ile de Re Cognacs are available in limited quantities at independently owned wine and liquor stores in St. Louis, Kansas City and Springfield, Missouri. If you do not see it, please ask for it!