Jamaican Rums by Caribbean Spirits

Rums from the Caribbean can be used for all sorts of styles of drinking, from sips to cocktails. While rum can be made anywhere in the world, the Caribbean is considered the home base, because of the sprawling sugarcane, cultivated from plantations over the past few centuries. Most rums from the Caribbean are made from a process that includes a column or pot still distillation or both. While columns are efficient and fast, pot stills bring out more flavor, while taking their time. The process decides whether the spirit comes out light– blanc– or dark.
Of the rhums and rums, offered in Missouri from the Caribbean Spirits brand, there are five available. The Neisson Agricole Blanc is distilled from sugarcane juice. Hamilton 86 Proof Demerara is from Guyana, a full-flavored blend of continuous still and pot rums. Jamaican Pot Still Black which is a blend of extremes, from light to heavy pot still rums, distilled from fermented molasses. Hamilton Jamaican Pimento Dram, for which, from the website(http://www.caribbean-spirits.com/): “Fresh Jamaican pimento is ground and blended into a tank of light Jamaican rum.” Petite Shrubb from the Martinique French West Indies, considered one of the most prized and prevalent drinks, La Favorite rhum Agricole added with locally grown orange peels until the spirit starts to take on some bitterness.

Much like the beaches and the imagery of Jamaica, these rums are bold with unforgettable, even funky tastes. They include fruits and spice and a big influence from the molasses that is distilled, as with the pot stills. Dive into the abundance of flavor today!