Rose Season

#StopAndSmellTheRose #RoseAllDay, #frose if you prefer it frozen, or #brose if you are a bro/guy that chooses this millennial pink beverage. Rose isn’t only a fun, pink wine. It has a following – with numerous hashtags dominating social media, sayings emblazoning shirts, phone cases, home decor and more, and THE go-to wine for summertime. We say #YesWayRose for summer, and all year long if you are a true rose lover!
Rose is a crisp, light, thirst-quenching option during those hot summer months. Plus, the beautiful pink color just screams summertime. It is made when red skinned grapes make short contact with the wine, meaning faster production – intended to be enjoyed within 1 to 2 years of bottling. With increasing popularity this wine with delightful berry flavors can range from every shade of pink, and varies from sweet to dry.

Every year at Classique we take pre-orders of different roses for those serious about their rosy wine. If you have missed out on the pre-order, we have 10 truly delicious roses that we keep in stock over summer months and a few we try to keep all year round. Rose is also perfect transitioning into fall, and pairs well with tons of dishes if you wish to sip this Instagram-worthy drink all year.