Classique Wine & Spirits is proud to announce that SQZ Lemon Wine will soon be hitting our warehouse – just in time for summer! Hot summer days require a drink that is thirst-quenching, cold, and a little more non-traditional. SQZ Lemon Wine is like summer in a jar.
These versatile wines (which come in adorable and handy mason jars) are great chilled, on ice, or combined with other ingredients to make a delicious cocktail. SQZ is hand-crafted in Lanark, Illinois, comes in four refreshing flavors, and is made with all natural ingredients: lemons, yeast, pure cane sugar and mineral water. No grapes involved.

Original Lemon is bursting with citrus flavor and is pleasantly sweet and crisp. Lemon Grass steeps the earthy tastes of lemongrass and green tea with the original for a unique, satisfying taste, and it’s the perfect complement to foods. Cranberry kicks up the tangy lemon flavor with the extra tartness of cranberry juice. The beautiful red color and zing are the perfect addition to your favorite spirits to create an exceptional cocktail. Key Lime is the perfect citrus blend of sour and sweet. Try this one with your spicy dishes, or add a twist to a classic margarita.

The sky is the limit with what these little jars of sunshine can do!

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