The Sazerac

The Sazerac is thought by some to be the first American cocktail, created in New Orleans. The original recipe likely used Cognac or Brandy, but today’s most common recipes call for Straight Rye. However, we love it with Union Horse Distilling Co. Reunion Rye Whiskey. The rye recipe really shines through, but still being a Bourbon, gives it more balance and complexity.

First, sparingly pour North Shore Sirene Absinthe down the side of a rocks glass, all the way around, so that the glass is coated.

Second, carefully peel a 2-3″ strip of lemon peel from a fresh lemon, ideally including only the outer (yellow) skin, not the white rind underneath.

Next, in a shaker with ice, combine:
3 oz Union Horse Distilling Co. Reunion Rye Whiskey
3/4 oz simple syrup
3 generous splashes of bitters (Peychaud’s is preferred for this recipe)

Shake well.

Check glass and dump out any excess Absinthe that has pooled in the bottom.
Strain contents of shaker into glass.
Twist lemon peel to release lemon oil from its surface; rub the rim of the glass with it, then drop it into the drink.