Zach Althaus
Sales Representative – STL

Zach always jumps in with both feet, and his craving for vino makes him a great wine slinger. His near decade-long career working in the coffee industry eventually lead him to move from Kansas City to St. Louis. From there he further developed his passions in the food and beverage industry, and made the move to restaurants and bartending.
From there, he was able to explore his interests in wine and spirits, but he didn’t love the late night hours of bartending. His love for wine grew and jealousy of the wine reps he worked with, with their bags full of fun, set in. Luckily, we found each other and the rest is history! He started at Classique in 2018. He does everything above and beyond to ensure everyone has exactly what they need, and loves tasting new wines.

When he’s not wheeling around wine, he’s at Current River fly-fishing or hiking.