The Curator Red Blend

Weight 750 oz
Red Varietal

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South Africa





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Harvest and Vintage Notes

The lucky grapes grow in the Swartland region, close to the wild West Coast of South Africa. They are grown by 4 different farmers on a multitude of different sites – mainly granite and slate soils. The grapes are acclimatised to the Swartland and always deliver consistency in flavour and aromas when they arrive in the cellar.

Simple and straightforward is how we like to keep it! Grapes are picked by hand, chilled overnight and then destemmed into tank for fermentation. Extraction is done by pump overs and punch downs, depending on the type of tank – and not that much because we don’t want to extract all those harsh tannins from the skins. We go easy on them and let the grapes give us what they want without being too forceful.

This wine is matured mostly in concrete tanks and old casks – it’s blended really early so that the components get some time together to integrate properly before the wine is bottled. 15 months maturation is the norm before we start thinking of bottling.

Grapes: Shiraz, Mourvedre, and Viognier